Things to do in Port Douglas

Located in Tropical North Queensland, Port Douglas is one of the most popular holiday destinations around – for both Australian travellers and international visitors alike! This is in part because Port Douglas, Queensland is world renowned for being the gateway to iconic, bucket-list destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

Admittedly, however, most tourists visiting Port Douglas are specifically attracted to the upmarket tropical location for its pleasantly warm and sunny climate. In addition to this, the multitude of luxury resorts and hotel accommodation options available in Port Douglas is also a huge calling card for visitors to the classy and upscale seaside town. Further, the popular vacation spot also boasts an abundance of restaurants and dining options, as well as many different activities and things to do! As such, Port Douglas is the relaxing beach holiday destination of choice for even the most discerning traveller.

Getting to Port Douglas, Queensland

Not all travellers are in the know that there is not an actual airport located within the township of Port Douglas itself. As such, when searching for flights to Port Douglas, potential visitors will find that they are directed to Cairns Airport instead. Upon landing, travellers then need to get themselves from Cairns to Port Douglas.

Fortunately, this is relatively easy, with a Port Douglas shuttle bus taking tourists from Cairns airport to Port Douglas. The Port Douglas shuttle bus is readily accessible and simple enough to find, and the best thing is – it is clean, comfortable, air-conditioned, and operates at regular and frequent times throughout the day. Tickets for the Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle are also relatively cost-effective and can be booked online, or upon arrival at Cairns Airport.

Port Douglas Weather

As most tourists booking a holiday in Port Douglas will already know, the weather in Port Douglas is pleasant, tropical, and warm. Expect sunny, cloudless days with some humidity at times – particularly in the wet season which occurs from November to April each year.

Importantly, however, the chance of rain and precipitation during the wet season is very high – especially in March, which is known to be Port Douglas’ rainiest month of the year. For this reason, travellers wishing to avoid rainy weather may prefer to travel later in the year, during the dry season. Of course, this time of year is also ideal for interstate Australian visitors wanting to escape the cold and dreary Melbourne or Sydney winter weather!

Port Douglas Accommodation

If there’s one thing the township of Port Douglas is not short on, it’s quality accommodation! Indeed, many wonderful resorts and hotels exist in abundance here. Admittedly, with so many good hotels in Port Douglas, it can be said that the most challenging part is choosing which Port Douglas hotel to stay at! This comprehensive list of accommodation options should help guide you in your selection:

Sheraton Port Douglas

Also known as the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas or the Sheraton Grand Mirage Port Douglas, this popular and upscale luxury resort offers visiting guests 5-star beachfront accommodation stays. Admittedly, the resort is priced accordingly and nightly rates can be expensive – particularly in peak or high season.

Sea Temple Port Douglas

Part of the Pullman and Accor Hotel group, the Sea Temple Port Douglas boasts premium, stylish holiday accommodations. As a resort and spa, it is the ultimate destination for travellers wanting to relax and unwind in comfort.

Peppers Port Douglas

Also a 5-star resort, the Peppers Port Douglas is another excellent choice for visitors to the area. Additionally, this particular hotel offers guests access to a tropical lagoon-style swimming pool and is within walking distance of Port Douglas town centre.

Silkari Lagoons Port Douglas

Offering unique, boutique-style accommodation slightly outside of the tourist zone of Port Douglas, the Silkari Lagoons Port Douglas boast the option of swim-up, pool-access apartments and rooms.

Mantra Port Douglas

When looking up accommodation at the Mantra Port Douglas, it is important to note that this particular brand offers as many as five different Mantra resorts, which are each located within different parts of Port Douglas. These properties include a beach-front and seaside location called the Mantra Portsea, which differs both in position and accommodation style from the more centrally-located Mantra in the Village Port Douglas. As well as this, there is the more stylised, boutique-style property the Mantra Heritage Port Douglas, and additionally, the lagoon-style property, the Mantra Aqueous Port Douglas. As such, it is important to do one’s research into exactly which Mantra Port Douglas location you would prefer to stay at! That way, you will ensure that you are booking the correct property for your holiday.

Oaks Port Douglas

With a somewhat lower price point than some of the more luxe resorts available in Port Douglas, the Oaks Port Douglas offers guests an accessible, comfortable and contemporary stay that will not break the bank! If you’re in a pinch and not finding anywhere to stay – the Oaks Port Douglas can often be found as a last-minute option when looking at Wotif Port Douglas.

Ramada Port Douglas

Similarly to the Oaks, the Ramada Port Douglas also offers a lower price point and a more lowkey accommodation experience. It is still a clean and comfortable property, however, in quite a decent location. It can also be found as a last-minute holiday option on Wotif Port Douglas.

Port Douglas Restaurants

Naturally, when holidaying in this chic seaside town, visitors will be working up an appetite! As such, they will need to find places to eat in  Port Douglas. This list of the best restaurants in Port Douglas should help to narrow down your choices:

Melaleuca Port Douglas

A popular lunch and dinner spot, Melaleuca offers unpretentious, modern Australian fare in a simple yet contemporary location. Proudly serving fresh local produce, the Port Douglas dining favourite is both award-winning and family-friendly!

La Cucina Port Douglas

If you’re looking for Italian fine dining – this is the place! The self-proclaimed stylish and sophisticated Italian eatery offers contemporary food in a classy setting. Bring your chequebook, however, as this one can be pricey!

The Mexican Port Douglas

If you have a hankering for Mexican cuisine while you’re away, this is a great option! Offering a sizzling, spicy selection of dishes to excite and tantalise the senses, look no further than The Mexican Port Douglas.

Star of Siam Port Douglas

Seeking Thai food in Port Douglas? Look no further. Star of Siam Port Douglas offers delicious and authentic Thai fare. Think Green Curries, Pad Thai noodles and fresh, spicy stir-fries. Yum!

Seafood Port Douglas

Lastly, when on holiday in a beachside location, it makes sense to seek out seafood! According to many locals, the best Seafood in Port Douglas can be found at either Wrasse and Roe, Port Seafood, or Seashells Port Douglas. Choose any of these great options, and a smorgasbord of delicious oysters, prawns and shellfish abounds! You won’t be disappointed.

Things to do in Port Douglas

Once you’ve attended to your appetite, you’ll need to do some activities to work off the food! Luckily, there are many different things to do in Port Douglas. From beach-side water sports to shopping, there’s something for almost anyone. Some of the fun, family-friendly activities on offer in Port Douglas include:

Port Douglas Shopping

When on holiday, people love to shop! It must be something to do with being removed from all responsibilities that makes people feel more frivolous with their funds. Luckily, Port Douglas is a great place to shop. You may want to visit the multitude of surf shops located here – including Quicksilver Port Douglas. Alternatively, you might like to check out the Port Douglas Markets. The Port Douglas Sunday Market has particular appeal and offers shoppers a variety of interesting wares – such as arts and crafts and local produce, to name a few.

Port Douglas Snorkeling

Snorkelling in Port Douglas is a family-friendly and fun way to burn off the extra calories consumed when dining out at the many Port Douglas restaurants on offer. Importantly, this water sport is accessible to practically all visitors. There is no need for any special licence or qualification to snorkel – unlike scuba diving.

Port Douglas Marina

While you’re here, you may also want to visit the Port Douglas Marina. Also known as the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, the Port Douglas Marina is an impressive place indeed, and quite a sight to see! With huge luxury yachts lining the berths of the marina, the whole family is sure to be impressed!

Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation

Finally, take the family along to Cape Tribulation. Known as the location where the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest meet, the stunningly beautiful and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cape Tribulation is a bucket list destination not to be missed. Featuring breathtaking, scenic coastal landscapes and virtually untouched, secluded and pristine beaches, a visit to the iconic Cape Tribulation will undoubtedly form treasured, idyllic memories that your entire family are sure never to forget.

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