Making Night Shift Working and Daytime Sleeping Easier

Working through the night can cause a lot of disruption to your normal life. However, the good news is that you can make this a lot easier than it initially appears to be.

The following tips will have you sleeping soundly even while the sun is shining brightly outdoors.

Change Your Body Clock

The first step to take is that of making sure that your body clock understands your new timetable. This is a going to take a few days to get right but you will get there in the end.

If you carry on eating at the same time as before and trying to live exactly the same life then your body will get really confused. Instead, you need to educate your body clock about the time they are going to sleep and when you are going to get up, while carrying on eating healthily and looking after yourself.

This means doing things like avoiding stimulating drinks when you are going to go to sleep, not eating heavy food when you are due to sleep and basically turning your day on its head. You will also want to avoid seeing too much sunlight just before you are due to sleep.

Get Rid of Outside Noise

One of the huge factors that can make it almost impossible to sleep well during the day is the noise from outside. While you are desperately trying to get some shuteye the rest of the world is likely to be going about its business as normal.

One big problem could be if you live near a busy plane flight path or there are buses or trains passing outside all day long. By getting soundproofed windows fitted you can instantly cut out the annoying noise such plane noise pollution.

By turning your room into a haven of peace and quiet you can get into the perfect mood for lying down and closing your eyes. On the other hand, if you don’t do this then every single noise from outside will remind you that you are trying to sleep when everyone else is out and about.

Get The Right Ambience

There are a number of ways of making your bedroom appear more suitable for sleeping rather than getting up to start the day like you did before. For a start, by putting up heavy curtains you will block the sunlight from getting on.

You can also try putting on some soothing music in your bedroom, to try and achieve the right calming effect. Also, don’t forget about the temperature, as you might need to cool the room to get into the right mood for sleeping.

There are plenty of sleep aids on the market such as pills and drinks, as well as devices that do things such as play soft music or alter the lights in your room to make it easier to nod off.

Tell Everyone You Know

How bad would you feel if you eventually drifted off to sleep only to get woken up by a friend phoning you or knocking on your door? To avoid this happening it is important that you let everyone know about your new working hours.

You might also want to put your phone onto silent mode or on vibrate if you really can’t face turning it off. If you can avoid people waking you while you rest then you can get the refreshing sleep that you need.

Don’t let a change to night shift working ruin your life. Just get into the habit of making your home suitable for daytime sleeping while changing your way of carrying out your day at the same time.

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Rebecca Knight