How to prepare for your Summer Vacation

Mmmm… summer. It’s almost around the corner again already – but then, summer is always almost around the corner for me. I love summer so much that it’s not unheard of for me to pop off to Bali sometimes when the cold of Melbourne gets too much for me! The last vacation that I took, I made the terrible mistake of forgetting to close an upstairs window and came home to a house that had endured two rain storms. It was not a pleasant time getting the carpets cleaned and having to deal with the fallout of making that mistake, I can tell you that much. Ugh.

To save you from repeating my mistakes (and possibly some of your own) I recommend that you follow my short and easy list for preparing for your summer vacation! That way, when you’re taxiing out on the plane, you won’t need to be freaking out that you’ve neglected to check your pet cat into the cattery, or that you’ve forgotten to turn off the gas or anything crazy like that! After all, with all of the excitement of planning for your summer vacation, you can be at greater risk of forgetting things, so check these items off the list and be sure you won’t miss anything. 

Get packed ahead of time

Grab your swimmers, get your beach casual wear and lay out all of the potential shoes that you might choose from. OK. Got it all? Now sort out a few different outfits based on what you might be doing on your vacation and go from there. It helps if you make a capsule wardrobe of sorts – where the clothes that you have can double up in various outfits. This will save on bag space for any potential holiday purchases that you might be making. 

Make copies of your important things

Even if you just have a copy of all of your documents saved in the cloud (like on Google Drive) or if you have a photocopy of the documents in your bag – this will save you in the event that you lose things. This is especially important if you are partaking in overseas travel and where the internet might be patchy or non-existent. 

Don’t forget to power up!

You might be travelling somewhere with a different type of power socket to you  – so if this is the case, you need to make sure you’re prepared ahead of time. You can’t risk potentially not having a charge on your phone and then missing the perfect selfie opportunity, after all! 

Get a friend to take care of your place while you’re away

This can help you to avoid the potential hassle of forgetting something! You need to get a trusted mate who can pop round or even housesit for you while you’re away – this is especially helpful if you have a pet who doesn’t like to be put into a kennel. 

Plan your must-see list

When you’re travelling to a new destination, it pays to have a bit of a hit list planned out and ready to go so that you at least know what you’re going to be doing when you’re playing tourist. Of course, if lounging by the pool is number one two and three on your list, then that is totally fine by me! Sometimes you just need to go away to decompress – and there’s nothing worse than going on holidays and cramming so much in that you need another break when you get home to recover! 

Have a great summer vacation and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to make your friends jealous when you get home!

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Tony Mantos