Tiles & Styles: How to Choose Bathroom Tile Colours

When it comes to home design, few areas offer more untapped potential than your bathroom tile choices. Despite modern bathroom design principles becoming more commonplace in new house builds, we are still seeing so many different homeowners and designers go for the more functional, bland style over anything with any real personality. This isn’t to say that going for the standard clean, white bathroom design is wrong or bad by any means, simply that there is a lot of paint being left on the palette when it comes to what a bathroom can look like.

Today, we’ll take a quick look at tile colours, and what each one can be used for when it comes time to refresh your bathroom.

Pink Tiles

Pink has truly made a comeback over the past few years, and not just in bathrooms. As one of the most iconically cute, happy colours known to humanity, pink tiles are practically an essential part of the bathroom design style guide. For anyone looking to keep their bathrooms looking warm and full of life, or for those that simply want a way to switch up and style an otherwise pure-white wall, pink bathroom tiles are an amazing opportunity to do something a little more fun with your fixings.

Blue Tiles

When we think of bathrooms, one of the main things that come to mind is the motif of water. A bathroom is where we bathe and brush our teeth; it’s where we go to feel cleaned of the day’s impurities. Because of this, we see a lot of features and lining designs in bathrooms being blue, which is an excellent choice for a splash of colour.

Blue is a calm colour by its nature, and it’s one we often associate with serenity, beyond its watery symbolism. If you want to start off small with your additions to the bathroom tile tapestry, then blue tiles are a wonderful option, pairing beautifully with the bright whites and greys often associated with traditional bathrooms. Additionally, blue can certainly be the dominant colour of space, as is frequently seen in beach house bathroom designs. However, depending on the space, and the shade of blue chosen, this can get a little intense, so make sure you’re very happy with the colour before making a fully blue tile bathroom.

Yellow Tiles

For those that want something a little warmer out of their tiles, yellows are a deceptively good choice. An understated yellow can really bring a lot of brightness to a room and is an excellent accompaniment to any room that gets a lot of sunlight. With that said, most tiles labelled as being yellow are often more natural and sand-like than what you might be expecting, so keep that in mind if you decide to go on a hunt for yourself.

Black Tiles

A staple of casinos and high-class hotels, the black bathroom tile brings immediate elegance and sophistication to a bathroom when used correctly. It provides a beautiful counterpoint to the usual brightness of modern bathroom design, and paired with the right mood lighting, it can really make a bathroom feel almost otherworldly. This is often not recommended for bathrooms that get a large amount of sunlight, as the natural light can make it difficult to truly appreciate the black bathroom tile’s beauty. However, even in cases like this, we have still seen some absolutely stunning monochrome marvels.

Mint Green Tiles

Green is the colour of nature and freshness, making it an obvious choice for bathroom tiles. This is, in fact, one of the more traditionally used tiles in older bathrooms, with it often being used in the 1960s to provide a unique flair to bathrooms of the time. Whilst trends have changed, so too have the number of green bathroom tile options available, and green is still an impactful addition to practically any design.


It can be difficult to overstate the amount of beauty that is to be found in coloured tiles, and if you’re someone that loves showcasing their personality through their interior decor, having dashes of colour like that is a must. So, experiment for yourself, find a tile distributor that you trust and explore the wide array of options out there to find the bathroom tiles that are right for you.

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