The Best Nintendo Switch Skins & Cases in Australia

When it comes to customisation the Nintendo Switch has plenty of options and being a handheld console means that there’s more reasons than usual to personalise your set up.

If you’re playing with friends with their own consoles, it can be handy to be able to quickly tell your switch and joycons apart when you’re packing up, and a colourful case can make it easier to find in your bag so you get in those few extra precious minutes of progress on that boss when you’re on the train.

Maybe you just want your switch to match the rest of your set-up or want to make sure it stays in out of the box condition for as long as possible.

It’s also just fun, it’s a long tradition in gaming to have a lucky controller in your favourite colour, or augment your gameplay by adding thumb covers or trigger extenders, and everyone knows a cable with leds is just better than one without.

So here’s a guide to some options you have when it comes to customising your switch in Australia.

Nintendo Switch Skins in Australia

Skins are essentially specifically cut stickers that go over the body of the console and sometimes dock to make it appear as though the actual plastic of the body is printed with a design or is a colour that isn’t actually available.

They don’t provide much protection but they can help to avoid small scratches from reaching the surface of the console, and if paired with a screen protector do help keep your switch in good condition.

They are also changeable, while it can be very difficult to remove a skin once it’s installed you can do it, which means you aren’t entirely locked into a design once you choose it like you would be with something like a special edition switch.

They can also make your joycons match in colour if you’re not into the dual tone that the official joycons usually have.

LuxSkinsOfficial Koi Rose Vinyl Skin | Switch & OLED | Etsy | $34.40

If you’re after a skin there’s a good chance LuxSkinsOfficial has it for you. With a range from cute to clean to artistic to gothic they have something for almost everyone.

This particular koi design is stunning and looks fantastic across the back of the switch as well as around the screen on the front. It’s a soft look while also being incredibly eye-catching, perfect for someone who loves the switch for its more quiet contemplative indie hits.

And LuxSkinsOfficial is an Australian store so none of those awful international shipping fees or wait times many Aussies have gotten used to.

MystiqueBoutique Diamond Skin | Switch | Etsy | $39.90

If nothing at LuxSkinsOfficial piques your interest, have a look at Mystique Boutique, they do have a range of more flat colour design options similar to other stores but they also have this dazzlingly diamond skin option.

When you’ve maxed the currency in every rpg you have, where is there to go but putting all those diamonds inside your switch on the outside. Surprisingly subtle, the design isn’t as gaudy as a diamond design may imply giving a more glass crystal appearance than the over the top opulence that can at times ruin diamond designs.

Nintendo Switch Cases in Australia

Cases come in two styles. The first, shell cases, are a generally plastic shell that goes around the switch, they have many of the same benefits as the skins but with extra protective features. They can be just as decorative as a skin but have the added benefit of being able to have 3d elements or a change in texture.

Shell cases do have one major drawback due to the design of the switch. If a case isn’t thin enough you may be unable to put the switch back into its dock, this isn’t an issue if you only use the switch as a handheld or have a switch lite which doesnt have dock compatibility to begin with, but it is something to keep in mind that you might have to take the case on and off depending on if its in its dock or not if the case is the wrong thickness.

VANJUNN Dockable Clear Case | Switch | Amazon | $28.05

Clear cases are a great choice if you’re not particularly interested in personalising the switch or if you bought a special edition or custom switch but still want the protective benefits of a case without covering anything up. Alternatively if you fell in love with a skin but still want the extra protection of a case a clear case might be the perfect choice as you can put it on over the skin.

If you’re more of a sticker collector a clear case gives you the option of putting stickers onto your switch and then putting the case on top just like with a skin, but you could also put the stickers directly on the case so you can start from scratch with a new case when you run out of space and want to start again with new finds.

A clear case is a basic option but only because there’s not much to object to, it’s a solid choice that leaves space for more customisation later if you need protection now but can’t quite decide on an aesthetic to follow yet.

JoyPop Official Solaris Noire Soft-Shell Case | Switch & OLED | Etsy | $40.50+

The linked listing is for the original switch variant, if you are looking for the OLED variant it can be found on the JoyPop Official shop page.

JoyPop Official is an Australian owned shop that does amazing custom switches and joycons which are understandably expensive but they also offer cases based on their designs for those on a smaller budget.

Their designs are more subtle and sophisticated than a lot of other options on the market so they’re a great call for someone who wants something a little more subdued. Being a soft-shell case does mean they are slightly less protective than other options but they are easier to get onto your switch.

The shop has a selection of other options including a white and gold variant of the Solaris design if the black is a little too dark for your taste.

Nintendo Switch Carry Cases in Australia

The other case style is a carry case, these are essentially hard shell containers that you can put your switch in when out and about, similar to a laptop bag. The obvious drawback to these cases is that once you take the switch out to actually play it it can’t provide any protection. However it is the safest way to transport your switch as there’s no risk to your screen which isn’t really protected in any other option and it means joysticks can’t be forced into odd positions in your bag messing with their calibration.

Geekshare Cute Shark Carry Case | Switch & OLED | Amazon | $36.00

If you need a case why not a cute one? In this case an adorable little shark, with all the usual benefits of a normal hard shell carry case as well as having some space inside for games and a spare charger this is a great option for someone looking for an fun case to carry around.

Geekshare has a range of cute creature cases with some very sweet cat options but this shark makes for a more unique choice.

It’s hard to not fall in love with this cutie of a case, and if you are a fan, geekshare does a whole line of shark cases with a shell, display box, game card case and thumb grips to match

Gxmelon Mushroom Carry Case | Switch | Etsy | $47.19

Gxmelon is a chinese store but they do ship to Australia, and with a case this perfect it’s probably worth the wait time.

Whether you’re simply into cottage core or a dungeon and dragons druid at heart this case is something special and it’s over the shoulder strap makes it a great option for grab and go adventures out into the wild.

Even if you do decide to detach the straps, the case itself holds up against other hard case options so there is no compromise made for it’s sheer style.

Deluxe Travel Case Elite Edition | Switch | EB Games | $34.95

Sometimes you just want something basic that works well and this official Nintendo case is just the trick.

With a very clean simple design the only give away that this case holds a switch is the embossed logo, a great choice for someone who wants something that will look right at home in their work bag or just loves the modern minimalism look.

Great quality and exceedingly sturdy if you’re after a protective case this is a fantastic choice and as this is stocked at EB so if you’re in a hurry you can get this one in person at their stores if you’re rushing around realising you’ve lost your case right before a plane trip.

Honourable Mention: Nintendo Switch Joystick Covers

Are skins and cases not enough for you? Do you crave for even more sweet accessories? Then maybe you should consider thumbstick covers. These are silicon covers that go over the joysticks to add grip and cute designs to your switch.

Joystick covers are also a great idea if you don’t have the budget to get your dream case as a cheaper way to add a little flair to your joycons. And if your only concern is mixing up your joy cons when you take them to a friend’s house to play co-op, this is a quick fix as they slip right over the joysticks in a matter of seconds.

They also make a great little gift for a gamer friend because having more than one set just means you have more options so there’s no concern of buying them something they already have.

Geekshare Gaming Cat Thumb Grip Caps | Switch, OLED & Lite | Amazon | $10.99

Geekshare has quite frankly an absurd number of options for thumb grip caps on amazon, from sad squids to french toast to bees they really do have it all but there’s something particularly adorable about these caps.

What’s better than playing video games, well playing video games with thumb grips that are also playing video games as well of course.

So go forth and create your dream set up and have fun! The best set-up is the one that makes you happy. Gaming is about having a good time and console customisation is like any other part of gaming, entirely up to you.

Chris Pritchard is an Australian freelance writer with an emphasis on politics and video game analysis with a background in both design and fashion.

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