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Our History

Accommodation with a past.
Why am I here? What is the meaning of my existence?

Old black and white photo of The Midland Hotel.

The Midland Hotel was designed and built to provide a place to stay for travellers visiting the Castlemaine area.
Originally known as The Castlemaine Coffee Palace; it's name was changed after extensive renovations to the Art Deco style, in 1930.

It once even provided the service of a livery stable, for the hire of a horse or a horse and carriage,
to take people to distant towns such as Chewton, Campells Creek and Newstead.
Of course this was later replaced by a motor garage service which has now also gone.
The accommodation, however, has continued to be offered without falter, up until the present.

A real hotel, for it has never been a pub, it has stayed true to this original purpose.

Old black and white photo of The Midland Hotel.
Midland Hotel guests reading on the balcony.

Having been built in 1879 it is architecturally late Victorian in style, however it was "modernised" to the latest style in 1930 and so
there are many original, internal Art Deco elements. The way that these styles were seamlessly mixed
is one of the things that makes this place so very unique and interesting.

When the first motel appeared in Castlemaine the elderly Mrs Bailie owned The Midland and ran a traditional private hotel.
At that time, it had been in her family since 1908 and it had a mix of both medium and short staying guests such as
commercial travellers, relieving teachers, relieving bank managers and overnight guests.
With the opening of the motel, however, they all left to stay at this new place
and then all promptly returned to Mrs Bailie and their familiar home.
It was a testiment to Mrs Bailie.

Old black and white photo of The Midland Hotel.
The proud owners in 1912 - Mr. and Mrs. Bailie and family

However, this business was lost when Mrs Bailey sold to an investor in 1972 and a series of tenents tried to make a go of it.
It was the hotel's "Dark Ages" but it pressed on and continued to operate for a further nine years until it was once again owner operated.
The present owners bought The Midland in 1981 and have operated it as a rather spacious private hotel ever since.

Old black and white photo of The Midland Hotel.
"It's all going well."

More personal than a motel; too grand for a bed and breakfast; faster than a speeding bullet;
and too homely for an hotel or motel; it is just too hard to put into a category.
You will not find another Midland.




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The Midland Hotel: 2 Templeton St., Castlemaine Vic. 3450 Australia.


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